13th Nov, 2018
Tuesday Group
  • 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • St Thomas Woodland Terrace Charlton SE7

Meeting at St Thomas’ the Tuesday Group provides an opportunity to come together for chat, coffee, fellowship and activities. You can also have lunch for just £2.

Also includes…..

The ‘Julian’ Corner

St. Julian of Norwich was called to be an ‘Anchoress;’ called by God to anchor the worries and troubles of the world in contemplative prayer to God.

At St. Thomas church we provide a ‘Julian drop in space’ where you are welcome to ‘anchor’ your reflections on life and place them somewhere outside yourself. The ‘Julian’ hour is in a secluded corner of the main church building and is open at the same time as the community ‘Tuesday’ group. The corner is an open ended opportunity available from 10.30 am until around midday and is facilitated; anyone who needs to take a few minutes ( or longer) in silent ‘time out’ is welcome.

Every one welcome.

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